Testimonial 6-2

“You could just go to a big mattress company and spend way more, buy their top of the line, and get a mattress that lasts about 3 months before hurting your back. Then go back to this fancy company and have them turn their back on you…they made their cut and they have no interest … Continue reading Testimonial 6-2

Testimonial 12

Just bought a queen foam size double sided bed and I love it! The price is always right! There is no better place in town to buy your bed! Quality bed with lifetime guarantee for a great great deal! Thanks Bill!

Testimonial 11

“My husband and I bought a Cal King bed from A Better Bed. We went there at the recommendation from our son, who has several beds from them. We’re very happy with our investment… Don’t hesitate to give them a call.”

Testimonial 7

“Bill at A Better Bed has made my mother’s bed, our bed, our spare bed, my daughter’s bed and all my children’s beds when they were growing up. NOWHERE else can you find a place that MAKES THE BEDS IN AMERICA, right there, as you want them to be made. Bill is very particular about … Continue reading Testimonial 7

Testimonial 9

“A Better Beds is just as the Name says, My Bed was made by Bill and I love it so much and I thank God for Bill’s hard work because now I Sleep through the night without pain and discomfort and to top it off it’s made here in the USA. How great is that. … Continue reading Testimonial 9

Testimonial 8

“Fifteen years ago, I bought a mattress from this company. It’s an awesome mattress to this day! Passed the smaller mattress on to my son and bought another mattress somewhere else three years ago. Within the year, the bed had broken down. When we went to the other store to use our warranty the store … Continue reading Testimonial 8

Testimonial 10

“Avoid the runaround the brand-name stores give you, save yourself the headache and see Bill at A Better Bed. Ask Bill to explain and show all the different mattress types, the different layers of foam and how he constructs his beds. Ask questions, lay on some beds to get a feel for what you like, … Continue reading Testimonial 10

Testimonial 6

“I love the duvet style mattress A Better Bed makes. I can adjust, change, and upgrade the cushy part myself as even really good foam will break down long before the springs and underpinnings will. The big difference in Bill’s beds is that they are hand-made the old fashioned way, with high quality components, just … Continue reading Testimonial 6

Testimonial 5

“I have been getting our family’s beds from Bill at A Better Bed for at least 15 years. I have purchased other beds from big mattress companies and those all have been replaced with another handmade bed from A Better Bed. The big companies all have many middle men who each get a cut on … Continue reading Testimonial 5

Testimonial 4

A Better Bed is an excellent choice… “After doing a lot of web and in-person research on mattresses, I went with my wife and kids to A Better Bed tonight. Bill was very helpful (over the phone and in-person) explaining and showing all the different mattress layers and how he constructs his beds. We asked … Continue reading Testimonial 4