Testimonial 1_2

“Can’t believe the comfort! – I was referred to A BETTER BED by a salesman at Sleep Train because they don’t do custom work. After a lot of research on the internet I wanted a latex mattress for my teardrop camping trailer. All of the people I talked to said I would need to have full size mattress cut down to a 3/4 mattress. Price starts out $500.00 and can go higher. Custom stuff can’t be returned. There is only so much you can learn with research so we decided to go lay on some futons and beds. As luck would have it Sleep Train was the first place I stopped at. As they say the rest is history. I told Bill what I needed and Bill said that he could do it. I’m looking at his work and everything is hand-made and you can see the machines that make the beds and the quality is first rate. At this point I think no way I can afford a custom mattress. I asked what a mattress would cost and when Bill said he could make one for $250.00 you could have knocked me over with a feather! I weigh 240 and the mattress is only 41/2 inches thick but I don’t bottom out with my knees or elbows (got in and checked it out).”