Testimonial 4

A Better Bed is an excellent choice… “After doing a lot of web and in-person research on mattresses, I went with my wife and kids to A Better Bed tonight. Bill was very helpful (over the phone and in-person) explaining and showing all the different mattress layers and how he constructs his beds. We asked our questions, laid on some beds, asked more questions, and then placed our custom bed order (he even worked with us to build us a mattress to address the fact that we are chemically sensitive to non-natural materials). So far our experience is great! We experienced great customer service, we’re getting a custom-made bed, the bed is made here in the USA, and the price was the same as the least expensive Chinese-made beds from big mattress stores. UPDATE 01/14/2012: Wow, picked up our custom-made mattress tonight… only a week after ordering! Mattress is perfect and we are looking forward to sleeping on it. Will update after a few months of sleeping on it.”